"Water Cure" CBD & Herb baths

Soak in peace, let the rest go...

About Us


  In the heart of Tucson, you'll find our sacred space for self healing with regenerative water, herb & gem baths.

Come engage your senses, quiet your mind:  unwind in our cedar hot tub, invigorate with a cold plunge,  detox in our infrared sauna or amethyst biomat.   Revel in a soothing reflexology foot treatment, or schedule a bodywork session or trigger point massage.

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Herbal Medicine

Naturopathic doctors are experts in the field of herbal medicine.  Too often patients using medical cannabis, or medical marijuana, are unaware that there are many other plants that offer healing benefits.  Dr. May has created a space to experience the healing power of herbs though the life giving medium of water with foot soaks or full body soaks.  Herbal products also available for purchase in our shop.


We use ancient traditional healing baths and herbal spa therapies, wrap it up in proper Tucson fashion, and serve it in an uniquely artistic yet accessible, judgement free space.  Healing Spirit Soaks is a true oasis in the Sonoran Desert:  a one-of-a-kind sanctuary where “Water is Life” is celebrated.