Reflexology $35/60hr


Frank uses his 20+ years of experience, along with innate healing touch, to bring full body relaxation from pressure points found on the feet.

Myofacsial release $75/95

massage trigger point therapy

Denise's healing techniques will melt away the stress we hold in our muscles and fascia.  She uses energy and momentum of your body to release toxins and tension, allowing for ease and relaxation.

Bowen Method $95

 Bowen Method , body work, massage

 Bowen Method resets the nervous system.  Often referred to as "homeopathy of bodywork":   gentle technique, deeply relaxing, helps your body to allow the healing to take place.  Can be used for anxiety, headaches & chronic pain.

CBD Massage $75/95


Utilizing CBD to decrease inflammation in the muscles, joints, tendons and soft tissues helps to elevate your massage experience. Full spectrum cannabinoid therapy can be added to your deep tissue, trigger point, abdominal, and swedish massage.

Cannabis certification and coaching

medical marijuana cannabis cbd

Dr. May provides cannabis certification for patients with qualifying medical records.  Monica and Trinity offer thorough and personalized cannabis coaching to meet your needs.

Biomat (included with hour soak)

biomat infrared healing

Our biomat has technology to block EMFs while pulsing infrared frequency through amethyst crystals to increase cellular metabolism, promote detoxification and amplify crystal healing.  It is included in our contrast hydrotherapy session.

Vaginal Steams $30/40


As ancient and common as other "water cure" methods like saunas, spas and community bath houses, women throughout the ages have used vaginal herbal steam therapy to speed postpartum healing, to treat menopausal symptoms, and to heal, nurture and honor the sacred womb..

Herb Soaks $25(feet)/ 65(full body)


Full body herb soaks in our luxurious clawfoot copper tub are preceded by a customized CBD salt or sugar scrub.  Another option is to lounge on our linen couch and soak your feet in a blend of wildcrafted, organically grown medicinal herbs gracing an alkalinized H20, copper tub foot bath: a lovely way to take in your herbal medicine.  

Contrast Hydrotherapy $55 (hour in studio)


"Contrast Hydro" is a simple but effective way to treat just about any ailment.  Hot water, whether submerging in it or using hot compresses, will dilate blood vessels, cold water constricts.  Alternating between hot and cold water will improve circulation, promote detoxification, move lymphatic fluid, clearing out inflammation, to invigorate and enliven you!

Infared Sauna (included in hour soak)


 Far infrared Sauna is a special experience:  to improve detoxification, decrease inflammation and joint pain, boost the immune system, ease fatigue and reduce stress.

Auriculotherapy $30


We look at the ear as a hologram to treat the whole body.  Stimulating acupoints in the ear is effective for treating pain, PTSD, addiction and chronic disease.  Auriculotherapy can be used even with patients who have needle phobias - a frequency device can be used directly onto points in the ear.

Cedar Hot Tub Soaks $55 (hour in studio)


An hour in the soaking studio includes a salt and herb scrub prior to getting into our hot Cedar tubs, set to 104 or 105F.  Heavenly relaxation for aching joints or muscles.  Cold plunge after 5 minutes is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.