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Frank, Cindi, Stephanie & Denise

Frank, Cindi, Stephanie & Denise

Frank, Cindi, Stephanie & Denise

A Healing Team

 These beautiful souls have combined decades of experience in bodywork.  From L-R: Frank (reflexology), Cindi (Bowen Method), Stephanie (CBD, abdominal, and deep tissue massage) and Denise (myofascial release, fasciablasting, thai massage and cranio-sacral therapy)


Jasmine May, NMD,

Frank, Cindi, Stephanie & Denise

Frank, Cindi, Stephanie & Denise

Naturopathic facilitator and owner

Dr. May is board certified in naturopathic medicine.  She has further training in auriculotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal medicine.  Her passion is empowering others to practice self healing/self love.


Sam Casados

Frank, Cindi, Stephanie & Denise

Sam Casados


Sam was invaluable in helping Dr. May put together her healing space.  Not only did he adorn the walls with his beautiful one of a kind murals, he was also in charge of the bulk of the build out.  Kudos, Sam!

This website is under construction, updates to come!


Vaginal Steaming

An ancient ceremonial and healing practice used globally throughout dozens of countries and ages:  Practiced correctly, and with the appropriate herbs, vaginal steaming is a deeply relaxing and effective therapy for treating all manner of female reproductive concerns.


CBD + Herbs

Dr. May has combined her 8 years of experience working with cannabis patients along with extensive herbal medicine training to create a line of CBD + herbal medicines to target the endocannabinoid system for specific responses:  relief from pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and withdrawal from Rx meds, tobacco, or alcohol.


Meditation Therapy

Our bodies are programmed for self repair and healing.  Naturopaths use therapies that aid our natural ability to heal with modalities like herbs, acupuncture, nutrition, light therapy , physical manipulation, and hydrotherapy.  Clarity of mind and emotional peace will light the path the physical health.